Today is my third year wedding anniversary! To celebrate, we’re hosting a small dinner party this Saturday night. We invited a few happily married couple friends. I’m hoping they’ll bring their best wedding stories – the surprising, funny, and all–out “you won’t believe what my mother-in-law said” moments. Thinking about what to serve, my husband and I decided it would be fun to riff off the meal we served at our actual wedding: beef stew, homemade bread, cheese, salad and pumpkin pie – a peasant’s meal done right. My dear friend Nicole made 150 individual pumpkin pies for all our wedding guests. It was October 2nd. Pumpkin was the most appropriate dessert I could imagine. I was, and still am, enchanted by the power of The Mighty Squash. Our guest book was a photographic “beauty book” of heirloom squashes. People’s well-wishes got mixed in among the butternuts and acorns.
For this Saturday night, I’ve decide to forgo pie but stick to pumpkin.
Enter, stage right: Pumpkin Eggnog Ice Cream
Enter, stage left: Cashew Nut Cookies
I look forward to seeing how these two get along. If it’s even half as good as what I’ve got with my honey, I’d say we have a pairing worth sharing.


Climbing the stairs to good food and friends.


Our Heirloom Squash Guest Book

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