My husband and I have been tending to a vegetable plot in a community garden this summer. Which in actuality means, he does all the gardening  and I make stuff with whatever he’s growing. When I arrived last week to get bitten by bugs while he watered and pruned our tomato and kale plants, I saw something out of the corner of my eye: a fig tree bursting with THOUSANDS of plump, pink-purple jewels. I quickly found a flower container someone had thrown to the side and got picking. I couldn’t bare that all these little figs would go to waste, or at least only be appreciated by the birds, if someone didn’t pluck them and rush home to make something with them. A half an hour later, I probably picked about 10 pounds.
My husband suggested I make fig newtons. When I was a kid, there were two things that I loved to get a gas stations: fig newtons and Pop Tarts. I went to working finding a recipe. All of them called for dried figs – every last one of them. They all said to re-hydrate the dried figs. Logically, it seemed then that I could add little or no water and cook the figs down to that same thick jam consistency. That’s exactly what I  did and this is what happened: Figgy Newtons.


Figgy newtons are not fig newtons, but a cousin of fig newtons. Figgy Newtons are made with fresh figs and they are less sweet and much better for you (unless you eat 10 of them, which can happen…) After making the dough and the filling, my good friends Lisa and Rachel helped me with the assembly. We made about 80 Figgy Newtons – enough for each of us for a week, plus more to share.