One of the things I like most in the world is great women. I try to surround myself with witty, strong, sexy, powerful, fabulous women. When I got a call from my friend Faith for a custom cake, I couldn’t wait to make it. Faith’s name says it all. This woman can do anything. This woman could be driving an 18-wheeler truck down a mountain pass with no breaks and if she turned to me and said, “I’ve got it under control,” I’d actually believe her.
So, Faith called me. She wanted a cake for her son, who was celebrating his 11th birthday.
Her son wanted a coffee chocolate cake. Despite the parents out there who say, “Kids shouldn’t drink coffee,” Faith was all about it. It’s his birthday, after all.
I thought some flares for the big day would be a nice touch. Inspired by the great cake maker Fiona Cairns, I made these Almond Caramel Wisps.
Custom cakes are what dreams are made of…