I went to the Pride Parade in New York City today. We staked out a spot on 5th Avenue at 13th Street. Little did I know – it being my first Pride parade in NYC – that the real action is on the corner of Bleecker and Christopher Street. That’s where all the crazy good dancing happens. Once we had our fill of skin-tight fantastic-ness on 5th Avenue, we walked west and stopped in at Myers of Keswick. It was about 3pm, so as per usual, I needed a sweet. Myers of Keswick is a British import food shop. If you haven’t been, you’ll want to go. This is the lovely little thing I found to eat.

Tea Cakes Box

One of the things I found most impressive about Tunnock’s Tea Cakes was the font used for “Tea Cakes”. The other thing I appreciated was the aluminum wrapping.
But, you ask, what type of tea cake was it? Well, my husband says there’s an American version of this particular variety of junk food but he couldn’t remember the name. If you know it, please be in touch. But about the treat: it is simply a giant ball of marshmallow sitting on top of a cookie which is all covered with a thin coat of milk chocolate.

Tea Cake

In truth, I think I enjoyed the packaging more that the tea cake itself. But, I imagine this little box will become the wrapping for a very special gift at some point soon.