I’ve been inspired anew by Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and work today. I originally planned to make this cake as a birthday cake for a good friend, which I will still do, but this was an ideal opportunity to test three particular flavor combinations. Yam. Coffee. Clove.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you my “Zimbabwe Love Cake.” It’s gluten-free and yammy delicious.

Zimbabwe Love Cake made with yams. Gluten-Free.

Zimbabwe Love Cake made with yams. Gluten-Free.


To make the celebratory topping, I used a cheese planer to thinly slice one sweet potato. After frying the little guys, I dipped them in a sugar-clove mix.


This cake (based on early taste tests) is a total winner. But, what’s better than a truly delicious cake? Celebrating justice, equality, hope and perseverance. Happy Birthday, MLK! May we be of service to who we love, and also those who think differently from us.